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Matt Royal started out in 1970 selling foam and furniture. In 1975 they created a foam rubber production and processing plant in Thessaloniki. In 1991 they turned towards the importing of upholstery and ready-to-use down pillows. In 1997 they started to manufacture pillows, mattresses and sleep products in general. In 2008 they developed a new range of products named Matt Royal. Today, their export activities are rapidly expanding, thus allowing them to meet even more demanding needs.

For about half a century (47 years), their goal has remained unchanged: The constant improvement of peoples sleep experience.

Place of establishment: Greece
Facilities: 4500 m2
Standards applied during production: ISO standards, ECO Label
Export activities: Europe, Asia, Africa

Matt Royal has succeeded in creating unique sleep products through the strict quality control of materials and production processes. It manages to set itself apart because every product has a name, and is hand crafted, unique and one of a kind, just like a work of art!

The constant search, through global research practices, of the best possible methods for producing reliable sleep products places their company in the front line.

Innovative technology, natural materials, environmentally friendly production methods, quality standards, high level of know-how, experienced staff, lasting consistency and reliability... are only a few of Matt Royal's qualities.

"When art meets nature, the result can only be Matt Royal".

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